Different versions of the S-LED projector have been developed either on batteries or sector. 1 is conform to every aerospace requirement (ASTM E3022-15 / ISO 3059 / NADCAP / AITM6-1001-11 / RRES90061) , 1 without filter for the other NDT applications, including leak detection with fluorescent tracer.

  • Undulation of the LED’s current is less than 5% and assimilated to a continuous current, which is requested by ASTM and AITM.
  • Advantage : No stroboscopic effect so better durability of the LEDs. - Irradiance stability shortly after turning it on (<3%)
    - Fitting of the power supply according to the LED’s temperature
    - No loss of power when using the battery
    - Permanent control of the current intensity with lights for defectsts
  • Waterproof according to IP68, resilient to petroleum products, grease remover, passivation.
  • Insensitive to electromagnetic fields of an Magnetic Particle Inspection bench (whatever the current form) or demagnetizer
  • Reliable and strong design, raw material coming from the automotive industry and components from electrical industry.
  • You can have both UV light and white light switched on at the same time to remove any doubt
  • Timed functioning:
    - Increases the life span of the lamp
    - First push : 5mn
    - Second push : 100mn
    - After the functioning light switches off, if you wait more than 3 seconds and do a pressure the lamp switches off.


  • Pressure switch supporting 50 million pushes
  • No risk of switching the white light instead of UV thanks to the remoteness of the switches from one another
    No functioning light while inspecting to avoid confusing the operator’s vision
  • Cooling down by natural convection
  • A microprocessor manages the lamp and the battery
  • Cable is resilient to chemicals
  • Still working at 100% of its capacity at 30 degrees. Made to be used up to 50 degrees.
  • Automatically switches off when high temperatures are detected to protect itself and the operator
  • Option : Supply of the values


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