Recruitment Fraud

Recruitment Fraud Policy

Oceanscan is committed to reducing the risk of recruitment fraud, and as such we aim to protect both clients and candidates from any fraudulent activities arising from the recruitment process. We do this by ensuring that our staff are fully trained in our policies and procedures, and are in turn able to offer expert advice at all times.

As an organisation it is our priority to encourage all with whom we do business, to be aware of the below statements as guidance should they be faced with any form of recruitment fraud. This policy is compliant with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006. The following key statements have been defined by the company, as suitable measures in the detection and prevention of recruitment fraud.

The following key statements have been defined by the company, as suitable measures in the detection and prevention of recruitment fraud.

  • Oceanscan will never ask candidates for money, this includes money transfers, in return for any services or advice, at any point during the recruitment process. Candidates are responsible for paying any fees incurred in obtaining documents such as a medical certificate, discharge book, passport etc. Visa costs will be borne by the Client
  • Oceanscan will never put a candidates CV forward for a job, nor disclose a candidate’s personal information to any 3rd party without first obtaining their written permission to do so.
  • Oceanscan does not use Social Media or Networking websites to act as a tool in order to ‘poach’ individuals’ information and act as an agency in order to extract money from them.
  • Oceanscan will never disclose client information to any 3rd party without prior written consent.
  • Check the email address and any web addresses – our emails all end with A fraudulent address could be something similar, but it cannot be the same.
  • You will always be able to use a landline phone number, not just a mobile. If you have the name of someone you will be able to contact them via the switchboard phone numbers available on our website.
  • The Oceanscan logo and name are on the website – ensure documents and communications have the same look. Any differences are likely to be fraudulent.
  • All personal information is kept strictly private and confidential.
  • Details of any recent incidents of fraud concerning Oceanscan or the Oceanscan logo are detailed on the company website at 

If you have been contacted or approached by a person claiming to represent Oceanscan Ltd, and you have concerns regarding the ethics and integrity of that person, or you have been affected by the statements listed above, we kindly request that you contact Oceanscan as soon as possible at 

This policy has been reviewed, and issued by the Company’s Directors who take full responsibility for its execution and as such will bring it to the attention of all employees.


A message to our Clients and Candidates:

Oceanscan has its own Visa coordinator, Jo McGowan. Jo is fully trained to guide clients and candidates throughout all Visa processes.