Following on from the successful 26DL PLUS, the 36DL PLUS is the result of Panametrics’ many years of accumulated knowledge and experience designing ultrasonic testing equipment. This new PLUS can step up the productivity of anyone who needs accurate, handheld inspection of pipes, tanks, or other critical areas subject to corrosion or erosion.

Familiar user operation
Anyone familiar with the 26DL PLUS will be comfortable using the new 36DL PLUS. Both units have a similar operational look and feel, and it will take just a short time to learn the 36DL PLUS’s many new and enhanced features.

Data compatibility
Historical inspection data, including data from the 26DL PLUS, can be transferred from your computer to the 36DL PLUS, and vice versa. Current readings and historical data can be compared on-screen.

Powerful Standard Measurement Features
• Thru-Paint Echo-to-Echo Measurements with dual and single element transducers
• Wide Thickness Range from 0.020 to 20 inches (0.5 to 500mm)
• Fast Minimum Capture Mode
• Exclusive MinFinder bar visually assists in locating the held Minimum thickness
• RF, half wave positive or negative, and full wave rectification
• Measurement adjustments on frozen A-Scan for post-processing of information

All-in-One, High-Resolution Backlit Display
• Both A-Scan waveform and thickness reading in one large Liquid Crystal Display
• Unsurpassed A-Scan resolution ensures precise waveform trace
• Large, bold thickness readout
• Bright LCD with adjustable contrast for various lighting conditions
• Electroluminescent backlight with Power Save feature
• Selectable Filled or Outline waveform trace

Intuitive Operation with On-Screen Messages
• Instant text messages guide users when changing parameters
• On-screen programmable clock with file date and time stamp
• Color-coded groupings of strategically located keys
• Direct-access keypad minimizes time-consuming slewing

Superior, Field-rugged Design
• Ergonomic designed case with hand strap provides well-balanced, one-hand operation
• Water-resistant, gasketed case with sealed connectors keeps out moisture, dust, and couplant
• Durable Lexan®‚ case withstands the rigors of heavy field use
• Interchangeable Nicad or AA alkaline batteries
• Two-hour Fast Charger with universal voltage
• Hazardous Area Operation, as defined by MIL-STD-810E, method 511.3, procedure 1.

Ignores Paint or Coatings
The Echo-to-Echo feature allows you to make true metal thickness measurements when the surface is painted or coated. This innovative feature, first introduced by Panametrics, utilizes its line of dual element transducers to ignore the thickness of the paint or coating layer. Although dual element transducers have long been preferred for corrosion applications, Panametrics has also available single element transducer capabilities for Echo-to-Echo measurements.

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