The DXR 250U-W portable detector combines GE’s unrivalled wealth of experience and expertise in medical and industrial radiography. This new digital detector is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial radiographic inspections.

• Reduced exposure time for increased personal safety.

• Reduced barricade time on units to inspect foroptimized process safety.

• Reduced setup time for maximized productivity.

The DXR250U-W has a larger imager size of 16”x16” and weighs only 5 kg (11 lbs) with a thickness of only 26 mm (1.02”) - used for a wide range of radiography applications covering medium to large sized objects

The detector uses wireless and battery-operating technology. Simplifying handling and operation. And leading to overall productivity gain for its users.

• Robust wireless operation (802.11 g, up to 80 m communication range, WEP2 security) with online wireless strength, detector temperature and remaining detector battery power monitoring

• Access Point mode with portable access point for extended range

• Ad-hoc communication for fast image transfer

• Optional power saving mode to increase battery usage



Available for rental or purchase*

Rental options are available globally, *purchase only available in Scotland.

Oceanscan - Offical Channel Partner for GE Inspection Technologies Partner in Scotland.

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